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Alan is a member of Screen Directors Guild Ireland. Alan has experience in Feature Film. Television. Commercials. Theatre, and Second unit action directing a FOR FOX TELEVISION SERIES.

AWARDS: Best Feature Film (Spiders Trap)  Two Awards of Excellence (Spiders Trap) Two awards for Best  Director.  Best Screen Craft Short. (WhatIf)  Won Best Short film Best Music Score (NoJustice).  The Audience award (WhatIf). Best  Historigal Film (short "Vicious Circle 1916)



Alan Walsh is a talented and award-winning film director and writer who is based in Dublin. He is a member of the Directors Guild of Ireland, a full member of Equity. Alan's first  feature film Spiders Trap  has won best feature film.

In 2006 Alan won the International Film Award for Best Director (Short) for his film WHAT IF at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. His film also garnered him both Best Director and Best Short Film Awards at the 2006 Los Angeles International Film & Video Festival. WHAT IF also won the coveted Audience Award at the 2007 Chicago Irish Film Festival.  And in 2010 and won Best Director for his short film NO JUSTICE, the film also won Best music Score at the Underground Cinema Festival.

Alan also wrote and directed two other  short films NO JUSTICE  and VICIOUS CIRCLE .  Alan has worked in the film industry for 28 years. He served as 2nd Unit Director for the Fox TV series MYSTIC KNIGHTS. He served as Stunt Coordinator for several TV series including PROOF, MURPHY LAW and FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Alan has also worked as a Stunt Performer on a myriad of projects including THE TUDORS, BRAVEHEART, MICHAEL COLLINS, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, and MY LEFT FOOT.

Over the years Alan has worked closely with some of best-known and respected directors in the world including Mel Gibson, John Boorman, Neil Jordan, Alan Parker, Joel Schumacher, Pen Densham, and Ron Howard. He has become particularly close friends with noted director Jim Sheridan (IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, BROTHERS). Alan’s keen observation and hands-on-experience working alongside these titans of the industry have afforded him the insight and capability to direct outstanding films, as evidenced by his prestigious director awards.

Recently Alan completed writing an expanded screenplay of his acclaimed short WHAT IF to be produced as a feature film. Several distinguished actors including Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers have all expressed interest in the project. Currently Alan is in development with Whatif and looking at shooting late 2015.

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