Alan's  Films and Showreel and Projects in development.

                                All Alan's Short films and Feature have been sold and have been shown in festivals and TV Stataions


Celluloid Hero-  in development

When the notorious “Astrology Killer” escapes with his ruthless gang en route to death row, they kidnap a beautiful local girl and flee into the wilderness.
Billy is a small town loner with a mysterious past, springs into action and tracks down the gang, leading to an unexpected and dramatic conclusion that reveals that Billy, the Killer and the girl have an entwined history that nobody could have predicted.


After a life of crime and the sudden death of his wife, Steve Wilson begins to look at things differently. With a young daughter to raise, he decides to go straight. Besides cracking safes, Steve has another talent, his music and he can play the harmonica like nobody has ever heard. When Mr. Carter, an old hand at the music game takes Steve under his wing and get him a chance at a record deal, its a dream come true, but on the night before Steve is about to sign the deal, his worst nightmare comes back to haunt him. Jack Spider is a man driven only by his own greed. Steve and Jack were old childhood friends. Now, he is the last man on earth Steve wants to be seen with. And now tonight of all nights Steve Wilson is about to be dragged back into that life. A life he thought he left in the past.


Written/Directed by Alan Walsh


Run Billy Run:   

BILLY is wrongly convicted of running over a young girl, he goes to prison in place of his brother Sparrow who suffers with autism, who he has always looked out for. This destroys his relationship with Cathy, who is stuck in a somewhat dubious relationship with her over protective brother Tom.. Seven years later Billy comes out of prison, and decides to put the life of crime behind him. However, this is foiled and Sparrow suffers a horrible death as Tom buries him alive. Cathy and Billy get back together much to the fury of Tom who tries to kill him. It looks like Billy could be facing another stint in prison, but he escapes to Australia – where Cathy finally joins him. They are together at last. 

This film is complete

                          To shoot in 2016

Forty Steps:  Short Film written by Alan Walsh

A True Story:  Michael Walsh in his late 50's, he looks back on his school days and the bullying that scared and shaped his life forever. As Michael narrates his story. We see a young fair haired shy nine year old Michael walking down the forty steps with his Father. This is a journey the young Michael would learn to dread.

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